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Pencar in Brantford has been in business since 1984. Pencar ‘s reputation for Selling and Leasing well maintained, affordable, and reliable vehicles has been well established in this community. All of our previous rentals vehicles undergo a stringent in house maintenance program, with scheduled oil changes and consistent service on wear and tear items. Formal record keeping assures our customers that the vehicle they buy or lease has ongoingly been well-maintained and meets all required safety standards.

All previous owned vehicles are professionally checked and upon purchase or lease will be professionally certified as well. At Pencar, we always stand behind the products we sell and lease. To further promote a peace of mind buying experience, we even guarantee our vehicles for a period of time, so if any unexpected problems should arise, they too will be taken care of by us.

Lease to Own Program

Pencar’s Lease To Own Program will a840606ppeal to many customers. Yes, even to customers who may have less then a perfect credit rating. Stop in and find out how easy it really is. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions. Pencar’s credit analyst will review your personal and financial data to determine your level of qualification. Doing so, we can ensure we are providing our customers with the best situation for their car buying experience, i.e. best possible rates and best possible terms. Our methods will most often have you an answer that very same day.

Pencar not only promotes leasing and financial institutions for your buying needs, but we also provide our own in house leasing. Customers who may have had troubles in the past or are looking for a new start, this may be a very good option. We are now actively looking to get people into vehicles they will love, so please come in and talk to one of our representatives today!

To speed up the process even further, bring with you, the form below filled out the best you can, and we will get started as soon as you arrive.


Pencar Sales Rentals and Leasing works collaboratively with several major finance institutions. They range from banks and major financial companies all the way into the non prime lending companies. In many cases financing is a great option as payments tend to be very similar to those of a lease to own program, but with very little or usually no buyout at the end.

With our methods, using the same form as above, we will use that form and input any credentials into our system, and  have you a same day answer. Moving forward, a few documents will be required by the lending company, as well as a few signatures, and you and your new car will be off and driving.

Come in during any of our open business hours and one of our representatives will get you started immediately.

Corporate Leasing

New to Pencar Sales Rentals and Leasing is our corporate leasing program. Each account is individually customized to your specific company by adjusting vehicles types, payments and lengths of terms.

With the ability to service companies with 1 vehicle or companies with 100 vehicles, we can ensure all corporate needs are addressed and taken care of.

Utilizing our rental fleet, we can lease our own pre-owned vehicles to help keep costs down. The majority of our rentals fleet is under a year old with full factory warranties intact. If new and custom ordered to your companies specifications is more what you are interested in, we can provide that as well. Pricing vehicles can be done on site for any major brand, make and model, as well as the options within them, and orders can be built as quick as 6 weeks in some cases.

Lease terms can end in one of two ways, with a full buyout or a trade in. If traded back in, the vehicle(s) will/can be replaced with similar but new vehicles and the program continued. Using this method ensures that your fleet is always kept up to date and maintenance expenses kept at a minimum. Having a fleet kept up date is extremely important in many businesses including our own, as having your fleet vehicles parked or arriving at jobs is a subtle form of advertising in itself.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your corporate needs.


Aaron Penrice

T – 519-753-3193

F – 519-753-9220