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Truck Rentals

Pencar Truck Rental Fleet Features...

  • Cargo Vans and Pickup Trucks
  • 17' Cube Vans
  • 24' Trucks

(complete with either loading ramps or lift gates and some with both)

Moving ?

We also rent moving blankets and moving carts.

  • More importantly, our reservations are guaranteed.

Please call for stock availability.

Car Rental and Truck Rental General Requirements

  • Valid G Driver's License (G2 not accepted)
  • Driver must be 25 yrs of age or older
  • Rental Rates based on 24-hr rental period
  • If contracted rental period surpassed - late charges may apply
  • A major credit card preferred
  • Driver 21-25 yrs of age must have major credit card

Pencar 's Cash Policy

  • Minimum cash Deposit - $300.00 for a Daily Rental
  • Must have valid G Driver's License
  • Must have Social Insurance Number
  • Renter must reside in city/county of Brantford
  • Renter's Phone # must be in the current phone book (copy of bill)
  • Renter must be currently employed (pay stub required) or proof of income
  • No previous Bad Debts

As per Pencar’s Rental Policy, we have the right to deny anyone who does not
comply with the rental policy the ability to rent a vehicle.

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